Drug Detection Times

Detection Periods

The amount of time any drug can be detected in one's system can vary from person to person and test to test. It certainly can also depend on the amount of the drug taken and when it was taken relative to the time of the test. Keeping in mind that there is no 100% hard and fast rule for how long a drug will be in one's system, listed below are some general guidelines on the drug test detection time for various drugs.

Approximate Detection Time in Urine

  1. Alcohol 1-2 days
  2. Amphetamines (crystal, Ice, crank, methamphetamines) 5-7 days
  3. Barbituates Short-Acting (ie. secobarbital) 1-2 days
  4. Barbituates Long-Acting (ie. phenobarbital) 2-3 weeks
  5. Benzodiazepines (Librium®,Valium®,Serax,Xanax®) 2-30 days
  6. Cannabinoids (THC,Marijuana) 20-90 days
  7. Clenbuterol 2-4 days
  8. Cocaine (Crack) 3-5 days
  9. Codeine 2-5 days
  10. Euphorics (MDMA, Ecstasy) 3-7 days
  11. LSD 1-4 days
  12. Methadone 3-5 days
  13. Methaqualone (Quaalude) l-14 days
  14. Opiates (heroin, Vicode, morphine, codeine) 2-7 days
  15. Phencyclidine (PCP, Angel Dust) 1-30 days
  16. Phenobarbital 10-20 days
  17. Propoxyphene (Darvon) 1-3 days
  18. Psilocybin (mushrooms) 3-5
  19. Steroids (anabolic) oral 14 days